Falling for Autumn

For as long as I can remember I've been in love with October. It's my birthday month, and now also my anniversary month. It's also when the air starts to get a bit chillier, when you're ready for boots, or at least a long sleeve (if we're lucky here on Hawaii). I love changing leaves, the excitement of Halloween, the start to decorating season and the beginning of family holidays! But, the thing I love MOST about Fall? 


I love decorating with them, carving them, displaying them, big, small, orange, yellow, spotted, even the oh-so-chic all white ones. The only thing better than pumpkins as decor, is the influx of pumpkin spice goodies! I may not love the infamous Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte, but give me any other pumpkin spice goodie and I'll be a happy girl. 

So, of course, I had to make a Fall line specifically for my favorite flavor. 

You had me at Pumpkin Spice

Introducing the "You had me at Pumpkin Spice..." line, featuring the coziest charcoal grey long sleeve and a not-so-basic oversized white t-shirt. The tight sleeves and oversized body is a perfect layering piece for chilly Fall mornings, or to throw on over cutoffs for those of us in warmer climates. 

You had me at pumpkin spice...

While this off the shoulder, oversized white tee can show off your love even if you live in a city where there realllllly isn't an actual Fall. 

You had me at Pumpkin Spice t-shirt

Shop the long sleeve version here and the white tee here. And sizes are going quickly, so shop soon! 

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On Happiness

Back in 2008 I visited the Shambhala Mountain Center in Colorado. I meditated, learned about a new perspective, and came away changed. Throughout the past few years, I lost those teachings. Through the bustle of New York, my illness, and just a bit of a "why me?" attitude, I lost that gratitude. The feeling that the world is bigger than me. That even when I'm having a bad health, or a bad spell day, there are other people who are suffering more. 

But more importantly, these teachings taught me that I can create my own happiness. I decided to revist one of the books we studied at the Center, Ruling Your World, by Sakyong Mipham. My mom, boyfriend and I are all reading it now and is changing us all page by page. It is in no way an easy read. It takes time to read it, understand it, digest it, and really grasp the concepts. 

This quote on happiness really stood out to me last night... 

"We already have what we need- the opportunity to weave the tapestry of happiness every day with the need and thread of our own mind."


So of course, I had to type it, add some gold foil, and save it to revisit every day. To remind myself, I have the tools, I have the ability to choose happiness every single solitary day! So I hope you will choose happiness today, and tomorrow, and the next day... 

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Launch Day Instagram Giveaway

In case you're not following us on instagram (@HibiskissClothing), you might not have known we had an amazing Launch Day giveaway...

Well funny enough, the winner, was also named Lauren! We put all the names in an oversized mug, and this just must have been all fate. Lauren chose The Snuggle is Real sweater as her prize and we may be biased but we think she looks pretty dang cute in it... 

Also, TAN. Are you sure you don't live in Hawaii?! 


Well anyways, we are so excited to share a little aloha and make sure you are following us on instagram. We'll be doing another giveaway when we hit 1000 followers. Can't wait! 

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Girl Boss Jillian Harris is Snugglin' Up

If you follow us on instagram it's no surprise that we love former Bachelorette and Love it or List it host Jillian Harris. She's crazy talented, between her dreamy interior design, to her fashion forward styling skills and beyond. Her mix of luxe high end and affordable pieces make her a go-to inspiration in my book. We all want the champagne taste, but most of us have more of a bargain prosecco budget. Jillian mixes these two worlds seamlessly. 

Photo Credit:

I've been following Jillian on her social media channels and her blog for a few years now, and jumped at the chance to share a bit of Hibiskiss with my girl crush. 

1) We know Jillian loves Hawaii, since she has a condo on Maui. 

2) She's goofy, with a pup named Nacho Cilantro, a hilarious Snapchat account, and a witty sense of humor, I thought she just miiiight love our puns a little too. 

3) Jillian is a girl boss with a never-rest attitude jumping from fashion to food to home and of course don't forget her TV show! 

 So when Jillian posted a full days worth of Snapchats in our The Snuggle is Real sweaterand an instagram, my day/week/month was MADE. 

So a huge thank you to Jillian for loving our sweater and sharing it online! Hope you enjoyed your snuggle with Nacho. xoxo

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On Positivity

I recently added an additional page to my "About" section to share a little bit more about my background and why I began Hibiskiss Clothing. A good reminder that when something feels "negative" you always have the opportunity to turn it into a positive! 

I wanted to share a little bit about why I began Hibiskiss Clothing. Like I mentioned on my "About" page, I used to work a corporate experiential marketing job in Manhattan, NYC. Out of the blue, I became sick, and it ended up affecting my life so intensely, that I had to leave my job, my life in New York and I moved to Oahu to be with family. 

I spent a few months in 2013 bed ridden. I struggled to walk on my own, shower, make my own meals and it was a very difficult time spent in and out of doctors, tests, procedures and endless waiting rooms. 

Throughout these months I discovered various issues, such as having Celiac Disease, bulging discs in my neck and back, migraines, and most importantly, a HOLE in my inner ear. I ended up having surgery to correct my ear, which caused crippling dizziness, vertigo, and general discomfort. Since 2013, some health issues have been corrected, some new ones have popped up, but unfortunately I am still dealing with daily vertigo that can send me straight to bed with no warning. 

Life on social media can show one thing, island life, tropical fruit, blue skies, and we don't want to burden others with our hard times because that's not the image we want to project, and perpetuate. But behind the scenes, family and friends go through our daily struggles. 

Because of my health issues I have difficulty holding a "9-5" like I could in the past. I became a bit isolated, when your life is run by appointments and physical therapy and symptoms at the drop of a hat, it's easy to become a bit overwhelmed, panicked, or even depressed. But I was not and will not let my health challenges rule me. I decided to start my own business and fuel my passion. I love fashion, I love design, I love learning new skills and having the freedom to work at 7 am or 10 pm. I may need to go to an appointment, or take a little dizzy break, but I can get back to work when I feel like it and produce this wonderful business, Hibiskiss Clothing. 

So whether this is just a little extra insight into me and the business, or whether it inspires you that despite any setbacks, you CAN still attain your dream. I am! 

If you're struggling with any issues, and want to reach out to chat, feel free to email me at Lauren @ 


You can find the page HERE

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Kiss the Week Goodbye

It's been a wonderful week since our launch day. Thank you so much for the support, sales, and love we've been receiving. I am floored by the amount of people who took the time to even click over and check out the site. This is my baby, my passion project, and hopefully, my future, and so to feel that love and receive the validation of the work put in these last few months, was wonderful. So THANK YOU. 


A few updates: 

1. We had an instagram contest on @hibiskissclothing, and choose a winner. Lauren (nice name haha) from Southern California is now the proud owner of a FREE the Snuggle is Real sweater. Congratulations Lauren! 

So definitely, don't forget to follow us over on instagram and facebook for future contests! 


2. Our launch was wonderful and this image was one of our most "liked" images EVER. Wow! Thank you!


3. Don't forget to check out our new SIZING page here, for more information on what to do if you love a style but don't see your size. So check that out! 

4. If you're a recent buyer, share on social media a photo of you rocking your new purchase with the hashtag #HibiskissClothing. You might be entered to win something special when you share!


Again, thank you so much for your support and I can't wait to bring you more island inspiration, regardless of location! 



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Who, What, Where, When, Why? The Details of Hibiskiss Clothing

Who: Hi, there, my name is Lauren and I'm the owner and designer behind Hibiskiss Clothing! 

I've been an island girl since four years old, growing up on Guam, a teeny tiny island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. I've always had an interest in fashion, pouring over photos from Couture Week to NY Fashion Week from a young age. But after moving to Hawaii, I have a bigger appreciation for approachable style. Stilettos and high-end fashion are rare, or saved for special occasions. For day to day, you'll see most women in cut offs, Locals slippers (flip-flops) and a tank or tee. 

What:  Hibiskiss Clothing is a new brand that encompasses a little bit of sass, while not sacrificing style. It's all about flattering fit, cozy fabrics, and of course, a brand message of Island Inspiration, Regardless of Location. How many times have you loved a graphic tee but wished it came in a fashionable style, a crop tank, an open back, not only a basic white t-shirt that doesn't breathe or show off your figure. This is where we come in. 

Where: We are based on the beautiful island of Oahu, Hawaii. But our global designs will put you in the paradise mood, the vacation spell, no matter where you live. Paradise is a state of mind! 

When: The brand was incepted in 2015, the year of the Girl Boss. 

Why: I believe all women should pursue their passion. I am currently battling some health issues so there is no better time than the present to work for myself, on my own schedule, and share my love for comfortable fashion. I have always wanted to start a clothing line and I am so excited to share this dream with you all! 

I would love to hear from you… something you're loving, wishing we had, any questions, or just a quick "Aloha" feel free to email me at 




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