Kiss the Week Goodbye

It's been a wonderful week since our launch day. Thank you so much for the support, sales, and love we've been receiving. I am floored by the amount of people who took the time to even click over and check out the site. This is my baby, my passion project, and hopefully, my future, and so to feel that love and receive the validation of the work put in these last few months, was wonderful. So THANK YOU. 


A few updates: 

1. We had an instagram contest on @hibiskissclothing, and choose a winner. Lauren (nice name haha) from Southern California is now the proud owner of a FREE the Snuggle is Real sweater. Congratulations Lauren! 

So definitely, don't forget to follow us over on instagram and facebook for future contests! 


2. Our launch was wonderful and this image was one of our most "liked" images EVER. Wow! Thank you!


3. Don't forget to check out our new SIZING page here, for more information on what to do if you love a style but don't see your size. So check that out! 

4. If you're a recent buyer, share on social media a photo of you rocking your new purchase with the hashtag #HibiskissClothing. You might be entered to win something special when you share!


Again, thank you so much for your support and I can't wait to bring you more island inspiration, regardless of location! 



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