On Happiness

Back in 2008 I visited the Shambhala Mountain Center in Colorado. I meditated, learned about a new perspective, and came away changed. Throughout the past few years, I lost those teachings. Through the bustle of New York, my illness, and just a bit of a "why me?" attitude, I lost that gratitude. The feeling that the world is bigger than me. That even when I'm having a bad health, or a bad spell day, there are other people who are suffering more. 

But more importantly, these teachings taught me that I can create my own happiness. I decided to revist one of the books we studied at the Center, Ruling Your World, by Sakyong Mipham. My mom, boyfriend and I are all reading it now and is changing us all page by page. It is in no way an easy read. It takes time to read it, understand it, digest it, and really grasp the concepts. 

This quote on happiness really stood out to me last night... 

"We already have what we need- the opportunity to weave the tapestry of happiness every day with the need and thread of our own mind."


So of course, I had to type it, add some gold foil, and save it to revisit every day. To remind myself, I have the tools, I have the ability to choose happiness every single solitary day! So I hope you will choose happiness today, and tomorrow, and the next day... 

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