A L O H A 

My name is Lauren, a Napa, California based designer. Thank you so much for visiting Hibiskiss Clothing and shopping with us. 


O U R  M I S S I O N

What started out as "Sharing Island Inspiration, Regardless of Location" has now transitioned to "Style with Sass" as a way to describe our love of graphic tees that go beyond the basic boxy white tee, and as you might have noticed, we've thrown in a few puns on our designs here and there.  



I'm a bit of a nomad, being born in New York, growing up on the tiny island of Guam, attending school in California, a small stint in Italy, moving back to Manhattan, taking a breather on O'ahu, and now settling in over in Napa, CA. I escaped to Hawaii every few years to get my fix of Paradise, and after some signs pushed me in the right direction, I bought a one-way ticket and this is where Hibiskiss Clothing was born. 

I've always loved fashion, having parents both in the industry (I mean, I learned the proper pronunciation of Givenchy when I was 10), so it was natural to start a style blog back in 2009. From there I was lucky enough to meet amazing designers, attend NY Fashion Week for four years straight, and even collaborate on a few pieces. When I moved to Hawaii, I was excited to see a smaller, creative movement, especially through the local Art & Flea and Honolulu Night Markets. Each time I attended, all I could dream about was having my own booth. 

I got straight to work- colors, designs, textures, fonts. My collection is all about beach vibes, chic shapes, and of course, comfort. Once I left Manhattan, I swapped my stilettos for slippers, my leather for cut-offs, and my Chanel, for wait, oh no, I still treasure that. But really, Hibiskiss Clothing is all about that summer feeling. The tan skin, shave ice, the sticky, salty post-beach hair. It's for wearing to the beach, to bbqs, and then pairing with a mini for date night too. 

I hope you enjoy our collection and come back and shop with us soon! If you want more day-to-day peeks into the process, follow @HibiskissClothing, or me, the designer, @LaurenABrenner on Instagram. Or you can always email us at Aloha@HibiskissClothing.com.