On Positivity

I wanted to share a little bit about why I began Hibiskiss Clothing. Like I mentioned on my "About" page, I used to work a corporate experiential marketing job in Manhattan, NYC. Out of the blue, I became sick, and it ended up affecting my life so intensely, that I had to leave my job, my life in New York and I moved to Oahu to be with family. 

I spent a few months in 2013 bed ridden. I struggled to walk on my own, shower, make my own meals and it was a very difficult time spent in and out of doctors, tests, procedures and endless waiting rooms. 

Throughout these months I discovered various issues, such as having Celiac Disease, bulging discs in my neck and back, migraines, and most importantly, a HOLE in my inner ear. I ended up having surgery to correct my ear, which caused crippling dizziness, vertigo, and general discomfort. Since 2013, some health issues have been corrected, some new ones have popped up, but unfortunately I am still dealing with daily vertigo that can send me straight to bed with no warning. 

Life on social media can show one thing, island life, tropical fruit, blue skies, and we don't want to burden others with our hard times because that's not the image we want to project, and perpetuate. But behind the scenes, family and friends go through our daily struggles. 

Because of my health issues I have difficulty holding a "9-5" like I could in the past. I became a bit isolated, when your life is run by appointments and physical therapy and symptoms at the drop of a hat, it's easy to become a bit overwhelmed, panicked, or even depressed. But I was not and will not let my health challenges rule me. I decided to start my own business and fuel my passion. I love fashion, I love design, I love learning new skills and having the freedom to work at 7 am or 10 pm. I may need to go to an appointment, or take a little dizzy break, but I can get back to work when I feel like it and produce this wonderful business, Hibiskiss Clothing. 

So whether this is just a little extra insight into me and the business, or whether it inspires you that despite any setbacks, you CAN still attain your dream. I am! 

If you're struggling with any issues, and want to reach out to chat, feel free to email me at Lauren @ HibiskissClothing.com